Meriplex Infrastructure as a Service allows companies to utilize the Meriplex redundant cloud while allowing their IT staff to manage daily business operations.

Pay as you Grow
Eliminate the capital expense of buying hardware by only paying for the resources necessary to run your business successfully
Work with Meriplex IaaS experts to determine which computing power and storage capacity fits your business needs
Integrated Backup Management
Meriplex managed IaaS backups & stores your data for quick recovery and restoration in event of application failure




IaaS Features


Direct Connectivity to Users

For customers utilizing Meriplex’s Internet backbone, we provide secure, direct connectivity to business locations by providing a high performing integrated solution. 

Low Latency                                        Direct Connectivity                                 Converged Technologies 


Focus on Core Business 

Our IaaS solution leverages top technicians in our secure datacenters to handle all of your computing infrastructure needs so your IT team can focus your organization’s core business. 

24/7/365 Managed Datacenters     Increased IT Staff Productivity             Advanced Infrastructure Technology