Managed SD-WAN

The Next Bold Step in Your Digital Evolution

Next-Generation Connectivity Starts with Managed SD-WAN

Is your legacy infrastructure too expensive, slow and unreliable? Migrating to the cloud and in need of modern routing? Security vulnerabilities keeping you up at night? Meriplex Managed SD-WAN solutions deliver a robust intelligent network and a unique co-management option that affords control and full visibility. Optimize network performance and bandwidth usage, add redundancies to eliminate outages and deliver improved QoS for end users with our agile, cost-effective Managed SD-WAN.

Managed SD-WAN Benefits

Enhanced Security

Fortify your network against today’s increasingly sophisticated security threats with state-of-the-art firewalls and integrated, cloud-based protection

Cost Savings

Achieve consistent network quality and reliability without the MPLS price tag and avoid costly, unpredictable outages

Turnkey Branch Deployment

Scale quickly with seamless zero touch provisioning and “office in a box” that can get a new site up and running without delay

Operational Simplicity

Streamline your network, utilize existing connectivity and leave day-to-day management to dedicated experts who’ll be there 24/7

Control and Visibility

Manage as much or as little as you like, with end-to-end network visibility and real-time monitoring with SD-WAN Orchestrator

Cloud Connectivity

Stay well ahead of the cloud migration curve by fully leveraging environments like AWS and Azure

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In less than 2 minutes, learn how Meriplex Managed SD-WAN can provide the connectivity foundation you need for a secure, high-growth future!

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Managed SD-WAN Delivers Game-Changing Year One Results

Reduced network downtime to zero and saved 30% in operating costs…
Insurance services with an international reach

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The Meriplex Managed SD-WAN Difference

Using leading edge VeloCloud by VMware technology, industry-applauded Meriplex Managed SD-WAN solutions include:

A Unique Co-Management Option

In a true partnership of network responsibility, enjoy 24/7 concierge service along with the ability to make your own changes, gain immediate insights and continuously monitor activity. Manage a little or manage a lot, whichever you prefer.

A Ready Team of SD-WAN Pioneers

We’ve been on the SD-WAN forefront from the beginning, as early adopters and determined innovators. Your in-house staff will gain access to Meriplex experts who are always willing to share knowledge, explore possibilities and address challenges.

Exceptional Security Vigilance

Security vigilance infuses everything we do, and we’ve built formidable cloud security muscle around our Managed SD-WAN solution. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data and applications are safeguarded by the industry’s toughest protection.

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