Business Connectivity

Meriplex offers a variety of business connectivity to meet your technical requirements and budgets.


Low-Cost Business Internet
With options like Cable, DSL, and broadband fiber, Meriplex provides high speed managed internet connectivity to your location at an attractive price point
Managed DIA
Meriplex Dedicated Internet solutions provide optimal performance and speed to connect enterprise locations
Carrier Class MPLS
Our optimized MPLS technology has low latency that allows business critical applications to perform at the highest level
Wireless Technology
Meriplex offers fixed wireless, satellite and LTE connectivity to reach remote locations
Co-Location Facilities
Our co-location facilities and services extend our customers a high level of comfort knowing their equipment is stored in a remote and secure environment


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Business Connectivity Options



With our Carrier Class MPLS product, Meriplex can leverage our highly available MPLS backbone to provide the security and QOS required between locations on a private network. With our MPLS solution you have: 

Dedicated Bandwidth                      Secure Network Traffic Flow               Low Latency 


Dedicated Internet

With Metro-Ethernet and dedicated high speed internet solutions, Meriplex provides the bandwidth you need along with the SLA necessary to keep your business running. Our DIA solutions have: 

Fast Point to Point Connections    Symmetrical Bandwidth                     Fiber Optic Speed & Reliability 


Co-Location Facilities 

With multiple co-location facilities throughout the United States, Meriplex provides a variety of options for your co-location needs based on location, rack space, and power requirements. Some of our co-location services are: 

Multiple Server Hosting                    24/7/365 Network Monitoring            Virtual Networking & Backup Restoration