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Simplify Branch Office Networking and Assure Optimal Application Performance

Meriplex Managed SD-WAN Solutions

Meriplex SD-WAN is a fully managed Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Solution that provides significant value to businesses allowing for increased network agility and cost-savings over traditional MPLS or DMVPN WAN solutions. SD-WAN uses software and cloud-based technology to provide robust, high quality internet connections for businesses while using lower cost connectivity solutions.

The Meriplex Managed SD-WAN Solution provides a cost-effective turn-key solution enabling both the customer and Meriplex to access, monitor, and control the entire network 24/7/365.

Custom SD-WAN Solutions for Customer Needs

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"SD-WAN is the most disruptive technology in the WAN space since the introduction of MPLS. We believe the demand for MPLS will wane over the next five years as companies augment their WAN technology to an SD-WAN solution." ~ Dusty Corning SVP Technology, Meriplex


Business Challenges resolved with SD-WAN

SD-WAN-Bandwidth SD-WAN-Branch-Complexity SD-WAN-Architecture
Expansive Bandwidth Branch Complexity Rigid Architecture


Meriplex Managed SD-WAN Solutions Benefits

  • Powered by VeloCloud’s unique, original architecture utilizing the robust Meriplex Cloud Network with gateways for on-demand per packet link steering
  • Quality of Service policies for common business applications such as VoiP, POS, and ERP
  • High-speed, reliable and secure IP network to run voice, video and data
  • Seamless scalability, reducing planning and installation time
  • End-to-end visibility and customization per customer business requirements
  • Meriplex Customer Service and Technical Support 24/7/365


For more information about how SD-WAN and Meriplex can solve or enhance your network needs, request a call from a Meriplex Managed SD-WAN Solutions representative here.

SD-WAN Provider Webcast, Building for a Better Future: Using SD-WAN to rebuild a Business Network with Meriplex and VeloCloud
To help you make an informed decision on whether or not SD-WAN is right for your enterprise, listen to Myron Steves discuss how its implementation of SD-WAN transformed their entire network and prepared them for future growth.

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