Disaster Recovery as a Service

The best option for building disaster recovery solutions is with DRaaS.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

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When a disaster strikes, whether man-made or natural, it is imperative for a business to recover their data and become operational quickly. For business customers desiring a reliable failover solution, ┬áMeriplex Disaster Recovery as a Service is uniquely tailored to serve as a secondary site for critical applications and data in the event of a storage, systems, or site failure. Applications deemed critical are replicated on a daily basis, stored, and VM initiated in the cloud ensuring their available recovery in under twenty-four hours. Business owners can feel at ease knowing their data is secure, and restorable in a remote facility.  Meriplex works with our customers to build disaster recovery solutions,, allowing businesses to reduce their capital spend and simplify disaster recovery solutions.  

DRaaS Additional Benefits Includes:

  • A documented recovery strategy and plan
  • Automated software to assist during an actual failover
  • Scheduled non-intrusive failover testing
  • Available datacenters around the nation
  • Hardware independence
  • Consolidation of existing equipment at a single primary site
  • An affordable option site disaster recovery



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