How The Cloud is Transforming the Business World

Cloud Computing Drives Business Growth

How Cloud Computing is Tranforming the Business World












Any business that hasn't embraced cloud technology will soon be in the minority, and they will rapidly fall behind their competitors. According to a study conducted by Emergent Research, 80 percent of businesses will be using the cloud by 2020. More and more businesses are harnessing cloud computing to enhance their business model, strengthen security, and fuel efficiency. The cloud is a vital tool that drives business growth and transforms the way companies conduct business. Here are some of the main ways the cloud is transforming the business world.


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The Cloud Enhances Disaster Recovery

 According to a report conducted by the Aberdeen Group, the average business loses $418,071 each year due to disaster and business interruptions. This is a tremendous expense that could be avoided with a stronger disaster recovery plan. The cloud can improve disaster recovery plans in a number of key ways.
Firstly, it improves the speed and consistency of backups, while also enhancing the security of backed up data. When backing up data manually, businesses conduct backups periodically throughout the workweek, but this leaves data vulnerable in between each backup. With the cloud, backups are automatically conducted frequently throughout the day, saving time on manual backups, while ensuring all new data is immediately saved.
The reliability of the backup is enhanced. Backing up data to physical hard drives still leaves the data vulnerable to physical disasters. With cloud-based backups, the data is always there when you need it. As a result, the cloud will also improve business continuity. If your company ever befalls a physical disaster that brings your business to a halt, you can immediately connect to the cloud to access all related business data, allowing you to get your company up and running again quickly.

The Cloud Promotes Collaboration

Designing a collaborative workforce is critical to building a creative, innovative, and productive team. Yet, many companies are failing to leverage their full collaborative potential. Cloud computing can improve workplace collaboration by increasing communication and data sharing among colleagues.
Many businesses encounter accessibility limitations within their workforce, resulting in certain departments being unable to access pertinent data that has become segregated within other departments. This inevitably reduces the efficiency of the business model, while limiting the autonomy of each department.  
With the cloud, all data can be stored on a single platform, and each employee can be provided access to all of the files they need. This enables greater autonomy among each department while increasing the ability for coworkers to connect and collaborate on projects.  

The Cloud Supports Remote Workers

Remote workers are playing a vital role in modern businesses. Remote workers offer businesses with several key benefits including:

  • More competitively priced labor.
  • The ability to source the best talent from a wider talent pool.
  • The ability to reduce the cost of office space by keeping some employees working at home. 
Yet, despite the advantages, remote workers also present some unique challenges to businesses. The primary difficulty is finding a way to connect remote workers with the greater corporate network while ensuring remote workers can access all data and information easily. The cloud eliminates this problem.
With the cloud, remote workers can create a virtual desktop that can be accessed from all of their devices. They can connect to the corporate network and access all of the materials they need for their job. Businesses can also utilize a cloud-based video chat platform to connect remote workers to business meetings by video, so offsite employees can stay in the loop and achieve greater productivity.  

The Cloud Fuels Business Mobility

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, businesses are expanding to multiple locations and the need for business travel increases. In addition, many businesses rely on field work and need a method for accessing their corporate network from any location. The cloud provides the perfect solution to mobile businesses. All business data can be accessed from any device and any geographical location, giving all employees 24/7 access to their business network.
The cloud is becoming increasingly popular, and it's expected to soon be a dominant business service. By 2020, businesses that still aren't leveraging cloud communications may slip behind their competitors as they'll be missing out on the efficiency and collaboration that cloud computing promotes.


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