Meriplex brings Cloud Continuity and Site Recovery to the largest producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the United States.

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Meriplex brings Cloud Continuity and Site Recovery to the largest producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the United States.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, February 14, 2014 – Having a North America Headquarters located on the gulf coast can be challenging especially with multiple sites spread throughout North America that depend. Storing your data on site at your headquarters exposes flaws that can easily cripple a business.

Meriplex designed and implemented a solution for our customer by providing a complete Cloud Recovery solution where in a hardware, storage, software, or connectivity failure, our Cloud Continuity and Site Recovery solution could be initiated.

We first start by ensuring all data at the primary site is replicated, synchronously to one of Meriplex’s disaster recovery (DR) sites. Then, if a primary site faults in anyway, an executive decision can be made to begin the process of resuming full operations from the DR site thus alleviating the downtime from a potentially crippling disaster.

With the Implementation of Meriplex’s Cloud Continuity and Site Recovery solution, our customer is safe with the knowledge its primary and multiple business locations can continue to operate in case of a catastrophic event.

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About Meriplex Communications
Meriplex is an enhanced service provider specializing in communication solutions for the enterprise market. Meriplex was founded and built upon revolutionary VoIP technology experience that it leverages to implement turnkey solutions and services for the enterprise market.

Originally created as a Houston ISP, Meriplex has transformed into a global MPLS provider, voice provider utilizing SIP services and an elite Multinational Cisco Gold Partner while providing our customers 24/7 Managed Services and Network Monitoring from their state of the art Network Operations Center and a global structured cabling division. With the addition of two tier one data centers, Meriplex is at the forefront in managing, protecting, and delivering first class solutions to our customer’s world-wide locations for broadband connectivity, voice services, purchasing Cisco Solutions and delivering innovative cloud services.


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