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Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

MPLS, Voice Provider

MPLS is a mechanism in high-performance telecommunications networks which directs and carries data from one network node to the next. MPLS makes it easy to create "virtual links" between distant nodes.

MPLS was originally designed as a way of improving the forwarding speed of routers but has now become a vital standard technology that offers new opportunities for multi-site IP networks; the ability to route the path of network traffic though an MPLS network and the ability to support VPN are two key examples why MPLS is a superior technology.

A number of different technologies were previously deployed with goals identical to MPLS, such as frame relay and ATM. MPLS technologies have evolved with the strengths and weaknesses of ATM in mind. Many network engineers agree that ATM should be replaced with a protocol that requires less overhead, while providing connection-oriented services for variable-length frames.

As MPLS gains popularity by replacing some technologies in the marketplace, it is very likely that MPLS will be the technology of choice in the future.

Meriplex Communications offers MPLS technology for speeding up network traffic flow and making it easier to manage. In addition to moving traffic faster overall, MPLS is flexible, fast, cost efficient and allows for network segmentation. Businesses can now take advantage of Meriplex Communications MPLS service and begin their corporate realization.


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