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Top Four Advantages of Selecting MPLS Solution over VPN



Advantages of mpls over vpn

As an MPLS provider, we are asked often about the advantages of selecting MPLS solutions over a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The top four advantages of MPLS solutions over VPN include:

Quality of Service. MPLS networks have the ability to provide Quality of Service or QoS for voice, data and video traffic traversing the network. With QoS, the customer can separate certain types of network traffic into classes to ensure that the most important traffic is prioritized over the network.

Flexibility. MPLS networks are very flexible and can provide the customer with a variety of bandwidth options as well as routing options between locations. In addition, MPLS networks can also provide direct access to other services that the MPLS provider may offer.

Management. In a VPN environment, the customer will most often manage their own devices at the end of each connection; however MPLS endpoints are typically managed by the MPLS provider, which frees up the customer’s time to focus on other priorities.

Security. Unlike VPN, MPL S networks are inherently private and can logically separate traffic using labels. And since MPLS networks do not traverse the internet like VPN, attackers typically have difficulty reaching the customer’s endpoints.


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