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Join Meriplex & Panduit to discuss intelligent data center solutions

Cisco Collaboration Seminar Houston, TX
Join Meriplex for Lunch at The Palm Restaurant while we explore the Power of Panduit.

On Thursday, November 13th, from 11:00am to 1:00pm, Meriplex & Panduit invite you to lunch at The Palm Restaurant to discover the most comprehensive data center solution available to any size business.

Discussions will inculde datacenter and computer room monitoring and management and we'll also cover PIM, PViQ and the Smartzone product lines.

Panduit will be discussing datacenter-computer room monitoring and management. Learn how Panduit can assist new technologies such as cloud, virtualization or consolidating your datacenter. Panduit helps customers adopt a reliable physical infrastructure and provides the most comprehensive solution available to any size business.

We'll also explore additional time and cost saving solutions such as:

  • PIM - Physical Infrastructure Manager ™ (PIM™)
  • PViQ - PanView iQ™ (PViQ™)
  • SmartZone™

Learn how Panduit helps customers adopt a reliable physical infrastructure and discover the most comprehensive DCIM portfolio of Cooling, Power, Asset, and Connectivity & Capacity Management Solutions

Come discover why today’s customers choose Meriplex and Panduit as their certified partner and trusted advisor who works with them to address their most critical business challenges within their Data Center, Enterprise, and Industrial environments.


Register now and join us to understand why Meriplex is your trusted partner in delivering the Panduit suite of solutions that are affordable and adaptive for different user profiles as well as different work environments.


The Palm Restaurant
6100 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas


Thursday, November 13th, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm

Seating is limited - 2 registrants per company please


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