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Increasing the energy efficiency of our Houston Data Center by upgrading the chillers.



Improving the Efficiency of Primary Houston Data Center

Houston Data Center Chiller Installation

Data Center chillers

Cloud computing data centers require consistently reliable cooling through chillers to support critical computer systems.  The need for redundant air conditioning in a data center creates a large demand on the energy usage at the data center. The energy demand and cost are a dominant operating expense of any state of the art data center.

With an eye towards making our data center more energy efficient and to reduce operating expenses, we examined the energy benefits of replacing our existing chillers at our primary Houston data center.  After considering the cost and level of power consumption, efficiency of our Houston facility and the impact on the environment, we concluded the chillers should be replaced.

Houston Data Center Chillers Installation

The new Carrier 50 ton chillers give our Houston data center better environmental control and are significantly more efficient for our critical data center needs than our previous equipment.  With their installation we are better able to consistently cool our critical computer systems and increase the energy efficiency of our state of the art Houston data center.

Photo credit Rafael Rodriguez

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